Energetic Fertility Method Program

I created the Energetic Fertility Method™ to help us to get to a place of integration and wholeness.

My Approach

Many women come to me after taking a very practical approach to fertility. They’ve seen the right doctors, had the right lab tests, tracked their ovulation, taken the right supplements, and more!

We’re taught that if we take the right actionable steps, we’ll get the right results. However, for many women I work with following this very prescribed action-oriented approach does not work to create the family of their dreams. I know this was the case for me.

Throughout my journey what I realized was that there was this huge missing piece that wasn’t being addressed. There are these less-concrete aspects of us – emotional, mental and spiritual in nature – that if not addressed and worked through during this journey, they can actually keep us from those practical steps producing the results we want. For me this was the missing piece.

This is why I offer a more balanced and wholistic approach that includes both action-oriented steps and the ability to turn inward to discover what could be blocking your ability to bring in the family of your dreams.

There’s a place in each of us, that when we can get there and get to know ourselves on a deeper level and take the time and space to identify and work through those often-unconscious patterns that inhibit growth, miraculous things can happen! It’s in the integration of the action-oriented steps and turning inward that we can become our whole self, and this is when you’re truly able to see the right steps to take.